3 Things To Know About – Dermal Filler

Of course, dermal fillers are widely known for filling the deep lines around the nasolabial folds, smoker’s lines and those chin creases that we refer to as ‘marionette’ lines.

Popular dermal fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, are often used for lip enhancement, as well. And, as we age we lose volume – so these dermal fillers and others such as Radiesse and Sculptura are also used to build ‘volume’ in areas like the cheeks to help ‘lift’ the look of the face in what we refer to as a ‘filler facelift’ or ‘liquid lift’ – a non-surgical way to make the face appear more full.

But did you know that fillers can be used elsewhere on the body – beyond the face?

  1. Earlobe Rejuvenation:
    Loss of volume and heavy earrings can lead to tears in the earlobe, where piercings are. We are seeing patients resolve this problem with injectible dermal fillers – by filling this area with dermal filler, it allows the tissue to reconnect and often, stay connected well enough to wear tiny earrings again.
  2. Hand Rejuvenation:
    That’s right – patients are injecting their fingers and hands to fill the look of bony fingers and veiny-hands. Then – they couple this with IPL photo facial – and VOILA – more youthful hands. This is popular with patients who are getting married at a later age (or remarried!) or just want to show off a beautiful ring.
  3. Acne Scarring:
    Deep ‘pockmarks’ or indention scars from cystic acne can really contribute to one’s self-esteem.  An increasing number of patients are using dermal fillers to fill these deep scars and smooth the overall look of the skin – this works particularly well on the deep scars usually on the cheeks and nose.


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