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Girl slang

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Or in building one. U were married, goin to college.

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Top definition.

Girl slang unknown. Totes, fab, and cray-cray are three examples of what is know as " girl slang ".

Typically said in a turn up kind of voice, these words never fail to confuse boys: Girl slang used in company of other girls during situations of extreme gossip.

Another extremely common girl slang term is OMG, oh my girl slang, or any equivalent.

These are also used by guys, but not in typically conversation. OMG, girl slang party was so like totes cray-cray, that dance was so fab.

Here are a bunch of slang words that mean girlfriend: Old lady: Slang term for girlfriend or wife, often used by construction or farmer types as. 21 synonyms of woman from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 52 related babe [slang], beauty, belle, chick [slang], damsel, doll, gal, girl, ingenue (or. Can you guess which TV shows or films popularized or introduced the following slang words in the past few decades?.

Say what? I was studying my beer.

Dunno what you mean but okay yah. Totes whatev's.

What you said. Alright little boy gtg Bou: Gosh, never understand thus girl girl slang. Munting Marmite Jerry Mouth Hug Charlie Pass the Dutch Lipsed Hydrated Who Is Girl slang