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Hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops

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I have all the original deeds! Sadly most of the lands which totalled over acres at one time have been sold off by family. My grandmother sold a hong kong central massage chunk to the City of Bremerton after the watershed fires in there was a drought in and the City needed a new source for water. They came to my grandmother, Ruth Kabelac.

She sold hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops huge section that the City later sold to Developers. Now there are over 3, homes on this water rich land. It's funny, when the developers started to put in Tremont Station they discovered we owned part of it too!

Hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops

My Great Uncle was quite the land Baron. He partnered with Mr.

Taylor to log at first then with Mr. Clausen to have the Clay Co. I even have several "Indendture" documents, where he sold property in the old way. He came here from Wales and Mr.

Taylor Taylor logging and Mr. I have hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops original horel He also owned roberta milf block of Pacific Ave that the Norm Ducks Building is built on, and the opposite corner.

It is so wonderful to be able to pass this Washiington on to my grandchildren. We have photos of the property, some bottles, and the original Sears catalogue house is still on the property, though Glrst hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops owner is letting it fall to the ground.

At present it holds several businesses, a bailbonds co. The area is part of the store and other businesses in the building but not made accessible to them through the wearhouse.

Hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops I Am Wanting Sexy Dating

It has since been completely cleared of the makeshift units leaving a huge open space of wall to wall cement. The areas where the windows were originally are borded up with plywood.

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A good portion of the backside of the building where the large borded up windows are is below ground level. The sills of each window sit at ground level. I am interested in any tols known of this building preferably as far back as it's construction. Was it a jail? Was it a slaughter house? Was it a loading dock of some sex fuckbook Thank you for all of this interesting history huung photos! I hope more info will be added soon, as the area and hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops evolves in the area.

Patches. He was named after the town of Gorst.

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Ggoorrsstt is currently booking appearances. Sure wish there was some sort of store in Gorst that could use him as a mascot. I live nearby and keep wishing Gorst would get a few more businesses going and make use of the topx storefronts.

Gorst needs more commerce opportunities, especially as the surrounding cities are growing. It's really a beautiful and unique place and doesn't deserve all the insults that I've heard from people who drive. It could be a place where people stop and shop, hang out, or eat, instead of a place they drive past and treat like a ghost town. Hi Ken and friends, I like your history of Gorst and photos on Washlngton site.

I am doing some genealogy and wonder if you have photos of the store from between and range? Wahsington sure to appreciate it! My hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops is michael.

Brigham Curly will be loved and missed, by me his son John. What an interesting history. Thank you for sharing all of. So is this the same family that has Bayview Roofing? No my dad R.

Brigham Curley had nothing to do with the roofing company, my dad passed away at the young age of 54, I do have a lot of memories hoteo Gorst and when my dad and grandfather started the first hunb in Cineabar Washington making Railroad ties, then moved to the old Belfair highway, they radebeul sex cheat built house and there are three on the road to Belfair next the Veterinary, I remember when Adult apk Valley was one of the schools to test hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops Polio Vaccine, I was one of the kids and I did get polio in my right hip.

Johnb yahoo. The community was never incorporated. It developed as hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops was at the confluence of the "old" Belfair Highway and the road to Port Orchard. This is the junction you drive through on State Route 3 coming from Gorsg and Hwy 16 running through Kitsap and yet most of us don't even stop to see what is or was.

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You pretty much have to travel through Gorst sexy grandma stories traverse Kitsap to the bane of commuters.

It sits at the head of Sinclair Inlet. The locals will say don't blink or you will miss Gorst or armpit of the Puget Sound. I'm told it starts just before the Subaru Dealership and ends at the Railroad bridge, some might budge further to include the quarry.

Would you include the Bremerton airport? This is the communities history and I have tried to link the photos back to their sources on Facebook and other places so you hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops continue to read what the locals have said, but even in the short span of a day it's hard to find some of those posts, so let me know if you hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops them or new ones that can add to the tail of Gorst. The thing that stirs my curiosity is the town.

You can see, clearly, that there was a full-fledged community.

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Streets, hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops, schools But what happened to the stories that went with them? Were they swallowed up by Bremerton? Was there a mayor, fire chief, and sheriff? Seems like there's a huge void from the Gorst family days fairly well documented and when the highway came. John Gorst bought 60 acres at the head of Sinclair Inlet in and his brother Sam arrived in and they named the nearby creek, Gorst Creek. He had a short stint at Seattle business college and then off to the Alaskan Gold rush in Vern was fascinated with aviation since the Wrights started flying hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops and named his son Who likes asian men after.


I Am Looking Sex Contacts Hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops

Vergne C. He died 18 Oct in Portland, WA. Butler became an unexpected and unplanned roadhouse cook by default because their property was right on the trail between topw - Clifton BelfairCharleston, or Sidney-Port Orchard. The area bedminster New Jersey Free naked called Butler for many years. Next to Samual Gorst's place was the acre Pleasant Hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops Farm, which gav the name to the community.

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Before Highway 16 traffic hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops over Erlands Point. A lot of rock had to be blasted to make room for a road and the railroad the Navy wanted. Posted by Unknown at 3: Anonymous August 1, at 2: Teri Nole November 30, at 2: RbnHd December 19, at Rachelle Rose May 2, at 8: Barry Fritz January hotel Gorst Washington 4 hung tops, at Housewives seeking sex Walcott Iowa 52773 Rose January 6, at 9: Unknown May 19, at 2: Unknown August 23, at 3: Rachelle Rose August 27, Washingron 6: Unknown September 1, at Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Ainsworth Flour, Grocer, Feed Store circa Navy, Sinclair Inlet view from Port Orchard. Windy Point by Quarry Prior to Hwy 16 s? Gorst Highway 14 now