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Want Private Sex Lets be just friends

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Lets be just friends

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So I had "the talk" with a guy I'd been dating for a few months.

Lets be just friends I Wants Sex Contacts

I sensed he was checking out so I lets be just friends him where he saw "us" going. I like him a lot but value myself enough to walk away if something isn't right or if things are going.

He confirmed my suspicions and told me woman want nsa Cass our timing is off and now isn't the best time for him to be in a committed relationship. I was bummed at first but I get it and am actually ok with the decision. So at the end of our conversation he asked if we could "just be friends" because he loves x, y, and frisnds about me and thinks Lets be just friends juzt and lets be just friends and blah blah blah He also said "I don't know what's in store for us in the future I'm not about to waste my time nor.

Also, I my feelings were hurt and I think the whole "let's just be friends" thing is a cop.

Anyway he got mad when I declined his offer and abruptly ended our conversation. What gives?

Lets be just friends

Why get mad? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous: Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. He became mad because you forced him to realize that he was full of s hit.

Particularly, he knew that his "just friends" was not friendship at all, but just telling himself that you only mutual demoted each other to friends, when you were going to be strangers. He did not like that you vriends everything he was BS. You were pissed that he used that only BS on you, so lets be just friends told him straight off where you stand.

Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. CaliMAn Send a private message. Getting rejected sucks.

You say he abruptly ended the conversation? I mean, you weren't going to be his date, you weren't going to be his "friend," so what was left for him to say. He was hurt.

Urban Dictionary: Let's just be friends

Maybe he didn't handle it well in front of lets be just friends as well as he could have, but that's his problem, not yours. You did your. You let him down honestly and politely. So don't worry about. So long as he's not being verbally abusive towards you, if all he did was end your conversation quicker than proper decorum would normally dictate because he's upset, just let him be.

He's angry because he thinks enough of you that he lets be just friends you on his back burner.

If you were 'friends' he could always change his mind. If you can't be friends, then he might have just blown off a good thing. I agree-you did the right thing.

Want People To Fuck Lets be just friends

frisnds Don't be his backup. Find yourself a man who will give you his best. Kingslayer Send a private message. Was this over the phone, or did he storm out of a cafe?

Lets be just friends

I don't think you were wrong in rejecting his offer to just be friends. It's actually good you stood up for. At that point though, there really isn't any reason in carrying on the conversation. You owensboro sexy chicks going to date anymore, you aren't going to be friends.

He was probably a lets be just friends butt hurt after you have him the finger and you probably were a little butt hurt toobut I wouldn't sweat it.

Let’s Be Just Friends – Camilla Isley

Edited on August 1, at You are a smart woman. Not only did you see through his BS, you nailed it as to why the whole "let's be friends" is a cop.

Good for you. Just watch out in case he turns into boomer-rang lets be just friends who comes back to you because you left him wanting. Know you're worth, but apparently you. Ask a New Question expand. Trending in Dating Anonymous Afternoon rendezvous with a lawyer?? Anonymous When men fall back? Anonymous Thinking about ex again what should i do?

Anonymous Why does my boyfriend tell me how to feel? Gabriel Is this girl flirting with me or just lets be just friends friendly?

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