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Making husband a sissy

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What will I make you do?

I like. I may have to start doing.

He was ordered to serve us drinks and as we talked she asked was he in a job and Making husband a sissy said yea but it is low paid and he works 40 hours per week but I keep him busy here at home, I said why do you ask and she said that she had problems getting staff for her old persons home and then the penny dropped and as he served us drinks I said why not put him to work for you. We both bust out laughing then my friend said it maybe possible as each job is 30 hours that 60 hours per week, but if he worked 7 days a week that less that 9 hours a day, yea making husband a sissy said but what about your house work and I said there is still 6 or 7 hours a day left and 8 or 9 hours left for him to rest and at this moment he can keep the house, laundry and garden under 30 hours a week I went on to say still time left to keep your home in shape also if you like, it the least he could do to get a 60 hour job.

I turned to my husband and said what do you think of this great offer and he answered what ever Mistres wishes and we both bust out making husband a sissy and his face got sexy webster red.

I then ask my friend what the jobs entailed and she said that as the home was not that large only 20 residence each room had a en-suite so each would have chat lines Chihuahua free for women be cleaned and bed pans empty all making husband a sissy bedroom and common areas cleaned etc.

The other job is laundry washing and ironing sheets etc and personal clothes of the residences, I then said that would be fun for you slave smelling all the old ladies knickers, we again making husband a sissy out laughing.

Linda said is he into smelly eissy and I said the dirty the better.

Turned to him and asked would you smelly the knickers and he answered yes please, we just looked at each other and Lynda said making husband a sissy a pervert. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn.

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Making My Husband A Sissy. Wait for a Saturday afternoon at the mall, so its nice and busy, go to a high dollar store and making husband a sissy wait where you can see him and then send him into a busy women's department.

He should go in with a scone and hot chocolate from Making husband a sissy, so they'll tell him no food makingg drinks in the store and make him toss. Have him scamper off to the WC.

When he gets back, make him finish filling his cart up with silky, pretty things. Be sure he holds them up in front of the mirror to see how they'd look makijg.

Then go pay and making husband a sissy sure he uses a card that is near or maxed out already so his purchase will be denied. You could even have him accept the cashier's offer to fill out the paperwork for a store card, if you know he'll be denied.

You show up just as he's paying and act like you're mad, "OMG!