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Hairspray Live! It seems there just wasn't enough time to include it in the new girl in town, which is a shame since it's such a great ton. After Tracy danced her way onto The Corny Collins Show, fans of the film version of Hairspray were expecting Amber and the other ladies of the show to burst into song.

But instead, the score of "New Girl in Town" woman seeking casual sex Baltimore only be heard in the background new girl in town Penny and Tracy's parents watched her on the TV. But the song wasn't actually performed. Although the song was in the film, "New Girl in Town" wasn't actually a part of the original Broadway musical, which may be why it was cut for the live production.

However, as many fans pointed out, "Ladies Choice" wasn't in the musical version either, so why was that included? It seems it all hew came down to a matter of time and choice.

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So I guess we just can't have it all. Still, fans were definitely disappointed not to see "New Girl in Town.

During the '60s it wasn't new girl in town that uncommon for songs done by black performers to be redone by white performers and then repackaged as a new song. Although the song definitely isn't needed in the musical and doesn't necessarily add anything to Tracy's story, it is a fun song with a historical background and the fact that it wasn't included was definitely noticed.

It's not surprising that all the songs fans wanted to hear couldn't be fit in the event is already three hours longbut I'm happy with just how much they were able to include and how well done each song. Sometimes less is more and that seems to be the case. new girl in town

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If you missed Hairspray Live!