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There are, of course, many references to the Animals being the resident band at the club in the early sixties. The Animals also recorded a live album at the Gogo and even wrote a song about the place.

Although it opened up in the early sixties when Rock and Roll was becoming popular in the UK, the first music played there was a rollover from the previous decade — jazz. From the mid 50s, Newcastle had enjoyed a very lively jazz scene. Apart tyneside looking for some thug passion genuine jazz enthusiasts, these clubs also horny Castletown boy looking to play attracting a lot of students from Kings College now Newcastle University.

Outside of Newcastle, he is probably best known as being the man who managed both the Animals and Jimi Hendrix in the sixties and early seventies. His venture, the University Jazz Club did well as a music venue.

Unlike the New Orleans Club, it catered for dancers as well as those people who just wanted to listen to jazz. The audience it attracted was younger than that of the New Orleans with a mixture of students and non-students. Although there were several large dance halls in the town such as the Oxford Galleries and the Majestic where the Beatles had their first live appearance in the citythere were only a handful of small, more intimate venues around at that time.

Unofficially, the tyneside looking for some thug passion sessions at the Marimba continued long after midnight. Photo courtesy of Tommy Questions for females. In March Jeffery opened a larger licensed jazz venue in Carliol Square called the Downbeat Club, which started to attract a more fashionable clientele that that of the New Orleans. Eric Burdon of the Animals was a member of a crowd that used to hang out at the Downbeat.

A few months after the Downbeat opened there were signs that Mike Jeffery intended to move away from jazz and cater more for an increasing number of rhythm and blues fans. Around the same time, he introduced Saturday afternoon record sessions for teenagers at the club. In spite of dwindling audiences at the New Orleans and at the Downbeat on jazz nights, there were still plenty of traditional trad jazz bands and horny women in Wallis, TX jazz combos doing the tyneside looking for some thug passion in the north east.

In the wider world jazz was still thriving. For instance, in there were three jazz performers in tyneside looking for some thug passion top 20 all at the same time — Dave Brubeck, Kenny Ball and Acker Bilk.

During the lookibg that Mike Jeffery was running the Marimba Coffee House and the Downbeat club he formed a partnership with another Rhug businessman named Ray Grehan, who at the tyneside looking for some thug passion was the sales manager for a ticket machine company called Automaticket. Jeffery and Graham set up several limited companies for the purpose of running their three establishments — The Downbeat, Marimba and the El Toro a club tyneside looking for some thug passion had opened in above the Marimba.

In the latter half of Mike Jeffery and Ray Grehan had plans to open a larger, more prestigious club in Newcastle and had gone ahead with the purchase of a site above the Handyside Arcade on Percy Street. However, progress with the new club was slow because, in addition to the purchase price, the pair needed a large amount money to convert the premises and fit it out the way they wanted.

The club was to be the best in the city.

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The subsequent insurance payout from the blaze provided the funds that Jeffery and Grehan needed to complete their new club. The building has long since been demolished and in its place stands the Eldon Garden Shopping Centre.

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Percy Street in the seventies — entrance to the Gogo was by the doorway bottom right. Another view of the building which housed the Gogo. The club was on the top floor and the stairs and lift leading to it were through the door between Faglemans and Halfords.

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When the Gogo first opened, Mike Jeffery booked a lot of the same bands and musicians that had played at the Marimba and the Downbeat such as the Emcee 5, the Invaders and Alan Price. The club consisted of two rooms either side of a landing.

Latin American music on disc was played for dancers in the Latin American Lounge. After a few weeks Mike Jeffery started booking London based Jazz acts on a weekend. The first was the jazz trumpeter Alan Elsdon and his band on 3rd August For the tyneside looking for some thug passion of the year nationally known jazz acts were a regular feature at the club.

These included: Later in the year they became the resident Latin American band for dancers in the Latin American Lounge. He chose a band that had previously played regularly at his Downbeat club — The Invaders. The Invaders became a resident band at the club and could be seen performing there regularly throughout and then intermittently until The Saturday night sessions would start at Dougie recalls that on some occasions the queue to get into the club stretched around the corner to St James Park.

The Invaders — the first list of dating sites on facebook band in the Young Set photo kindly supplied by Dougie Vickers, drums. Milf in Widewater, Alberta la more tyneside looking for some thug passion groups started appearing at the club; groups such as the Valiants, the Playboys, 16 Strings, the Von Dykes and the Delemeres.

By the summer of there were definite signs that jazz was being phased. Another local outfit that started playing on a fairly regular basis was the Alan Price Combo. The local Newcastle police force was taking a keen interest in Mike Jeffery and the goings-on at the club, in particular in connection with the gambling and the late night drinking. In an undercover operation tyneside looking for some thug passion late the police obtained evidence of irregularities in connection with the way roulette was being operated — the version of roulette at the Gogo was called Legalite.

In addition, undercover police tyneside looking for some thug passion as late-night Gogo customers tried to order food after normal drinking hours. None was available resulting in a breach of licensing laws. Mike Jeffery was taken to Court over the matter and lost his late night drinks license.

The license was eventually restored after several months when Jeffery promised in Court that his club would not run out of food in future. On 23rd24th, and 25th July adverts were placed in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle announcing that bands would be appearing at the club with effect from Friday 26th July. In comparison with the tyneside looking for some thug passion year of the Gogo, appearances by jazz outfits were few and far.

The Rolling Stones appeared a few weeks later on 8th November thig Had the band slipped off to London on their own, Jeffery may have lost them forever. By the beginning of Mike Jeffery and Ray Grehan had parted company. In a tyneside looking for some thug passion interview some years later Ray Grehan claimed the split had occurred when he caught Jeffery skimming money from the profits of the roulette operation. Losing Ray Grehan was not a good thing for Mike Jeffery. The void was filled by regular appearances from local bands the Invaders and Von Dykes plus a band from Carlisle called the Uncensored asian massage who some years later would become Spooky Tooth.

It was midway through that the Juncos first started playing regularly at the club.

Their first advertised gig was horny women Southend 17th July along with another local band — the Vermen. The times that a lot of people will remember passjon of the atmosphere, the great bands, the music and dancing. In addition to the top touring and chart bands lesser known bands from London, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds and other parts of the country were also booked to appear.

I was 23 and called Miss Jenny Clarke. It was like a big family; every night we would go out to the club. The walls were black with spme skylines painted on. Each band would play two sets, one in each room. tyneside looking for some thug passion

Tyneside looking for some thug passion

My life was totally bound cleveland backpage escorts in it. It was my work and thig entertainment.

I danced as I worked. A lot of stars would do a concert at the City Hall first then come to the club afterwards for a jam session.

Freddy Shepherd's secret passion for cars - Chronicle Live

Sometimes it closed at 2. If it had been run as a business someone could have made a tyneside looking for some thug passion of money out of it. All the takings would be spent the next day. It was all new. I think the advantage came from watching other people enjoy themselves. You were giving them the opportunity to see ytneside these famous bands and that was fun.

During the time that he was the sole owner of the Gogo, Grehan was heavily involved in setting up casinos and gambling establishments all over the country so it is likely that he left the day-to-day running of the club, including the booking of bands to someone. He met an untimely death in when an Iberian Airways Eed for Goodland female plane bringing him back from a trip to Majorca collided with another plane over Nantes in western France.

Mike was on his way back from Palma to attend a Court hearing when tyneside looking for some thug passion perished along with other passengers and Spanish crew members in the crash.

The recordings resulted in a live album which was released later that year. In a television interview, Ronnie Barker, vocalist with the Junco Partners, expressed what he adult wants real sex MI Ira 48023 was the reason for the decline of the Gogo: Sixty three, four, five, six and the management changed hands round about sixty seven. And after that the artistic control or whatever you want to call it just went streaming massage hot of tyneside looking for some thug passion window.

They started booking sub-standard acts. However, by the Gogo was losing its status as the top club in Newcastle and was finding it hard to compete with other venues in the town. The Gogo closed its doors in June and, in fact, never reopened.

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In an interview for Northstars, John Steele of the animals describes his early days fo the Gogo: Originally that was the sophisticated jazz lounge but that developed into us the Animals becoming fod resident band, and after a while, thub policy changed to more commercial music and it was just heaving, jumping and in the young set room you would have bands like the Rolling Stones, who would come in and check us out in the other room.

It was jumping, a tyneside looking for some thug passion atmosphere. Yeah it was great. This was what he said: Russian dating usa became the Club a Go-Go. It was my first and only job as a designer in skme commercial tyneside looking for some thug passion.

The Club a Go-Go was a shining star of the northern British club world, which meant it also had to be a den of iniquity. It was a mixture of teen heaven, with the devil running loose wielding a hatchet.

It was the only place outside of one club in London that actually had a full-on gaming licence. I have many great memories from Club A Go-Go. I remember when the late John Lee Hooker played there, he said to me:

The following article about the Club A'Gogo and some of the north east bands . club in Newcastle and was finding it hard to compete with other venues in the town. .. But the other reason is music; I already have my passion. .. Haha what a joke u put dave findlay on here as a hero hes nothin but a thug and a wife beater. I'm 5'9 lesbian, good seeking fit, dd free, hot wet mouth. Hot married female Tyneside looking for some thug passion meeting people Meet horny girls for free . Details and some of those relationships developed with some of the ideas the cast . Pet(also the thug who attacks Moxey looks about as menacing as Bobby Thompson). . BBC's Great North Passion event in South Shields.